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Need to bring harmony back into your being, but only have a minute or two? Experience this 90 second Sound Vibration Acoustical Anchoring Healing tool... balancing is just seconds away.
The 90-Second Chakra Healing & Clearing Song
Hi, My name is Jennifer McLean, and some have called me an "Energy Master."  

I believe that is in part because I've had this strange gift, since my teens, to be able to tap into energy vibrations and support the expansion of energies for wealth, prosperity and well being.

For you today, I am tapping into powerful healing frequencies and sound vibration with something familiar... yet in a new healing twist.

In fact I have created a special healing version of a song to instantly clear your chakras.

This sound vibration music is encoded with healing energies to move you into greater expansion… and peace.

It ALSO includes proprietary AMPLIFIED HEALING Technology to increase the healing frequencies.

Just pop this Mp3 audio onto your device and listen when you are feeling down, off balance, or want a quick uptick in your energy.
This is yours if you are ready to experience:
  •  A balancing of your chakras – with just this track or pair it with your chakra-balancing routine in less than 2 minutes
  •  An enhancement of your personal harmony and all the physical systems influenced by your chakras
  •   Instantly shift a reaction or overwrought emotion into calm and peace
  •  And much more!
This is your chance to take your new constant friend of harmony with you, wherever you go, to meet every new day (and its challenges) in balance with your power full thottled and expanded peace.

"I feel light, happy... and delighted. Thank you!"
"I love your method of healing and teaching that has moved me into a "field" of grace. It is like a total expansion into something I can't define but in which I feel light, happy, youthful, peaceful... and delighted. Thank you!"
- Marie
About Jennifer McLean
Jennifer McLean is an internationally acclaimed Healer, Author, Speaker and Transformational Change Agent. She is the creator of the renowned healing accelerant “The Spontaneous Transformation Technique (STT),” which delivers instant transformation and healing in 7 - 10 minutes. With over 1000 practitioners of this unique system, it is quickly becoming a “go to” for creating real rapid change in extreme times.  

Jennifer's healing techniques are proven and popular. Specifically, her "Triple Healing Multiplier" includes her renowned Spontaneous Transformation Technique (STT) Healing Sessions, Sound Vibration Acoustical Anchoring, and deep neural pathway-changing Healing Journey. When used together, this layered trio of healing delivers true and profound change to those experiencing it.

Jennifer also has an expansive repertoire of sound vibration Soul Songs containing unique tonal sound vibrations that initiate and promote profound, multi-layered healing while acoustically anchoring what has just been healed and re-patterned

She is also the author of 5 books, appearing on FOX, ABC, CBS, and online summits and has been featured in renowned publications. She is also the creator of dozens of online healing programs and is the producer and host of the acclaimed Healing With The Masters online media franchise, which reached almost 1,000,000 over 17 seasons.

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